Backing you and your agency up while mitigating your liability— it did happen, it is written, and you can prove it with log soft!


The proposed solution to the issues within the current process is a transition to a web-based electronic logbook designed by Rhyan Technology Services, LLC.

  • An application that is more than a logbook as it facilitates compliance with Texas’ Sandra Bland Act, jail and accreditation standards, death in custody investigations, PREA grievances and response to open records requests, complaints and lawsuits.
  • LogSoft incorporates a roster function allowing for “at a glance” views and information updated in virtual real time from the jail management system.
  • RFID system documentation of welfare checks in critical and routine areas of the facility.
  • Works on your network with existing PCs, via WiFi with full-featured ruggedized tablets or any combination of devices.

LogSoft© provides

  • Web/networked database application
  • Time-stamped Electronic Logging
  • Electronic Roster tied to your JMS
  • Real Time Inmate Management
  • Electronic Search of virtually any data field
  • Accountability
  • True Expungements
  • RFID Log Entry for Visuals and Counts
  • Documented post equipment checks
  • “Briefing notes” for critical supervisor-to-staff information
  • Supervisor and post officer Pass-ons

Key Features

  • Electronic web-based logbook for multiple locations utilizing networked PCs or WIFI-enabled tablets.
  • Data hosting either on-site or cloud-based
  • Various log types (standard, critical, late, pass-on)
  • Log entries that users can search and export as reports to Adobe .pdf files
  • “Line-out” feature for correcting (not deleting) entries
  • Trackable inmate movements
  • Automatic updated inmate counts
  • Permanent, tamper-proof record, time-stamped log entries
  • “Rank on Post” feature ties supervisory rounds to log books by login/password
  • Logbooks are configurable for posts and control rooms in any combination of housing units desired by the user