Backing you and your agency up while mitigating your liability— it did happen, it is written, and you can prove it with LogSoft©!


The Problem

The current process for record keeping at the majority county jails and prisons relies on hand-written paper logbooks and forms that:

  • difficult to store
  • no disaster recovery available
  • not readily retrieved
  • not electronically searchable
  • incomplete or illegible entries

There are many recurring costs related to the current process that have a significant impact on your facility’s annual budget.

  • purchasing new paper logbooks
  • years-long storage and retrieval costs under records retention laws
  • hundreds if not thousands of work hours spent by facility staff, paralegals and attorneys researching paper records in response to grievances, open records requests and lawsuits
  • inefficient use of supervisory time reviewing logbooks for management and productivity reviews

The Solution

LogSoft© - The first comprehensive electronic logbook, inmate roster and RFID welfare check system

that adapts to your facility and business practices.