Backing you and your agency up while mitigating your liability— it did happen, it is written, and you can prove it with LogSoft©!


Key Features

  • Inmate data loaded from JMS
  • Manual Labor Credit Tracking and sentence monitoring to ensure proper release timing
  • True expungement of inmate data
  • Trustee bed assignment and management
  • Jail Standards Compliance
  • Searchable Inmate data
  • Pop-up post visual timer/reminders and supervisor notification for missed welfare checks.
  • Electronic Log Book Searches by key word, standard phrases, etc
  • Search Utilizing Various Data Options
  • Search by Date, Inmate, Log Book, Officer, etc.
  • Export to a PDF Document

Key Features

  • Inmate rosters per unit that users can sort and print via print button on screen
  • Log entries per inmate(s) directly from roster
  • Integrated lists of inmate arrivals and departures
  • Electronic inmate count sheets maintained per unit, control, and administrator locations

Specific user-defined roles and logins using established usernames and passwords


RFID Welfare Checks and Inspections

LogSoft© integrates the latest RFID technology for recording and documenting inmate welfare checks. LogSoft© will not only document your post officer’s diligence in the care, custody and control of inmates, but can document any inspection of equipment or areas by supervisory, life-safety or maintenance staff utilizing convenient and uniquely identifiable RFID tags.

LogSoft© saves the RFID entries in the background eliminating clutter from the officer’s main log screen but remain readily available with a simple search.

LofSoft’s ruggedized tablets feature the full LogSoft application maximizing the officer’s efficiency as he or she moves around the post and functions as the RFID reader. The camera feature can be enabled to capture photos for reports as well based on the facility needs.